Hi guys, Thank you so much for stopping by.
My name is Sylviamary Wanjiru. You can call me Sly, not that im sly 😊.
So honestly, I wasn’t much of a makeup lover, i was a tomboy 🙈. I started loving makeup not so long ago. While I was in college, I started with threading my eyebrows, thanks to the influence of anaa girlfriend of mine. I went once and I was like, “This is soo easy why would I pay someone to do this for me” Haha.

I went and got myself a pair of tweezers…and thats where it all began. I started with the eyebrows…lipstick(you know the one that is green but turns to pink upon application, yes that one) then the face powder, and that was it.

Here I will be showcasing my talents and the skills I will be learning along the way, I will be doing simple makeup looks to the creative, bold and artistic kind.

Its a journey you guys hope you enjoy.